Monitor your Kid's Worker's Phone

Cell Phone Tracker records SMS, call history, camera, locations,
contacts, plus every SIM card or Phone number swap on the phone

You can now Monitor your kids or Workers Phone

Cell Phone Tracker records SMS, call history, camera, locations, contacts, plus every SIM card or Phone number swap on the phone​

Discover a new way to keep your family safer

Do you have kids you want to be sure they are safe all the time? Give your family extra security with Pins Mobile Phone Monitoring. You can now Know who is calling your kids and see who they are calling plus text messages sent to them

Pins Mobile Security Features & Benefits

Protect your Child

Do you have kids schools. It gives extra peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe all the time. You can see the real time location, see who is texing and calling them remotely.

Monitor your Employee

Do you have a team of sales people or other workers you want to moinitor? You can now remotely track their location, calls and text messages

Remotely Track your Phone

Ever imagine misplacing your phone without possibility of where they are? Now you can always track and find your phone

Know what
they are doing

Monitor your Kids and Employees remotely

  • Easily Monitor Your Kids Or Employees location
  • Track who they are calling with contact details and duration
  • Track text messages even when deleted
  • Get instant alert for new SIM card swap
  • Full 24/7 Live customer support
Pins Dashboard

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Pins Mobile Security Features & Benefits

From monitoring your kid’s phone to be sure they are always safe, to tracking your call and SMS logs, Pins Mobile Security give you the peace of mind that you deserve 


Know before it happens. See who employees/workers and kids are texting and messages they receive on their phones even when deleted from the phone


See who calls your workers or kid's phone number, find out how long with duration and also the contact details of the caller


Monitor all messages received and sent with exact phone number of the receiver. Good thing is, you can still track even when the message has been deleted from the phone


Catch the next person who tries to unlock your phone. Capture the picture of the person, exact time and location while trying to input codes or pattern to unlock your phone


Receive instant email notification for every failed attempts to unlock your phone. Also get information such picture of the person on your live dashboard as well


Monitor every SIM card change that happens on your phone, good thing is, you can get the exact phone number of the SIM card inserted on your phone

Antivirus for phones in Nigeria

Monitor your Workers Remotely

Know before it happens! Track who your workers are calling and text. This can help your improve security on your investment. You can even track their location if you have field sales team.

Good thing is, in just one click, you can monitor any of your worker!

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs


Start Monitoring Now!

We are protecting thousands of
families all over the world

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