Who else wants to
track and find a lost or stolen phone?

Have you ever lost or misplaced a phone without finding it? Now you can track and find your phone

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Discover a new way to track and find your phone!

How would you feel if you can track and find your phone when lost or stolen immediately ? Great, right? Now you can save money for replacing lost or stolen phone for more important things. 

With the Pins Mobile Security Solution, you never have to worry about losing your phone; and your personal information on it anymore because you can now remotely track your phone through your personalized PinsApp dashboard  

Know where
your phone is

  • Know the exact address of where the phone is
  • know who they are calling with your phone through incoming and outgoing calls
  • See all messages sent and received on the phone via your dashboard
PinsApp Location

See face of intruder/thief

  • See the face of the thief or intruder - See who is with your phone
  • See the exact image of the house where the phone is through street view

6000+ Nigerians are tracking their phones already

Dont leave yourself open to mobile phone theft without the possibility of tracking and finding your phone.

"I saved more money"

"The bottom line for me is saving money. Amazingly, Pins app saved me the extra cost of replacing my lost phone. Now I have the power to recover my phone when it gets lost or stolen"
Kelechi Kemnele

"I now know my colleagues were snooping"

Since i installed the PinsApp on my phone, i have been able to see my colleagues in my office who snoop on my phone all the time. This is really cool. PinsApp is fantastic
Customer Service

"I caught my driver that stole my phone"

My phone was missing somedays ago, i was worried, but thank God i had the PinsApp installed. Through my dashboard, i was able to see the thief who happens to be my driver

Get the peace of mind you deserve

PinsApp Antivirus


So much files your device, malware on the rise, your mobile device need some more attention; PINS takes care of you

PinsApp Antivirus


Your files and document getting into the wrong hands  is like losing a part of us. Just pin it to secure it

PinsApp Find my phone


Do not struggle or chase
when your phone is snatched be at ease; PinsApp provides you with info that can help you recovery your phone

PinsApp Find my phone


Say no to trial and error.
Detect the real cause of your phone malfunctions.

PinsApp intruder alert


They are portable, we carry them everywhere, unfortunately, they steal them or we lose them too often. Take precaution; get PINS.

PinsApp Find my phone


Never worry about losing you data and other information on your devicebecause with the PinsApp you can backup your data

Google says its good
for your phone

Start tracking with PinsApp in 3 easy steps

  • Download and subscribe to PinsApp
  • Sign up to create account
  • View your personalized dashboard
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