See who's got your phone

Catch thieves in the act

How secure is your device?

Over 3 Million phones get stolen every year. Don’t be a victim of Phone theft.

Our Pin Intruder sets a dynamic pin lock, password or pattern on your device and makes it tough for intruders to get past the security. It makes it next to impossible for someone to gain unauthorised access to your phone. The good news about our PINS Intruder Solution is that it remotely tracks and locate your device easily if your device is missing. PINS intruder configures your mobile to take a snap from the front camera every time someone enters a wrong password or PIN. It sends the real-time location of your phone along with the photos of the intruder to your email address without alerting the person. If your device is stolen, you can lock it remotely from any web browser using the PINS Mobile Security Manager dashboard.

See who is snooping on you!

This is a life saver when your phone goes wrong. Let the fear of data loss from your mobile device be a thing of the past Fast backup and recovery of all your important data, media, files and folders, intellectual properties. The media files are completely encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 128-bit key for complete content protection. PIN secure cloud to your mobile device. Cloud Backup protects your personal information in case your device is lost, stolen or damaged. It saves a copy of your contacts, photos and files; access them anytime from PINS cloud storage without going through a third party to recover information.

PinsApp Intruder Alert
Find my phone

Catch thieves in the act!!!

Stay on top of your phone’s location

 A lost or stolen phone can be unsettling for most people. Luckily, PINS Solutions has designed a feature to find the precise location of your mobile phone. Find My Phone helps you locate and protect your mobile device phones when it’s out of your hands.This is a compelling, highly differentiated and efficient tracking system has been designed to provide real-time visibility of the mobile device anytime, anywhere. Providing more context to surroundings and more precise estimated times of arrival.

The PINS dashboard manager on the website can help you find your phone in the event of loss or theft. Once you have installed the App on your mobile device, just log in to the PINS website. Here, you will be able to see a map showing the exact location of your lost phone and it can quickly provide directions to your phone’s exact location. The map shows the real-time location of the missing device and is instantly updated when the phone moves.

Sim Tracking

Get an instant email or text notifying you any time a sim change is carried out on the device

Sim Tracking enables you to remotely capture and report all activities happening on your stolen device right from the point it was reported stolen. Activating sim tracking warns you if someone inserts a new Sim card into your lost or stolen device. It tracks your mobile device using email alert, text messages telling you the time & date, unique number associated with the Sim card, the device’s IMEI number, and the sim carrier information which enable you to know the network provider of the new Sim card inserted in your mobile device. It also sends your device location and information to your alternative number. Text charges may apply when this feature is in use.

Wi-fi Protection

How can you ensure that individuals aren’t exposing their smartphones to real risks every time they connect via the wi-fi? If you’ve considered these questions, it may be time to look for a mobile security solution. PINS provide a world class threat defence against these mobile threats, keeping devices secure across all level. Feel free to connect to a wireless connection, you can leverage wireless without fear because you are covered.



Website & Anti-Phishing Protection

Feel free to go on any website to browse knowing fully well that your information is secured, PINS mobile Antivirus prevents malware, blocks banking Trojans and stops Ransomware from restricting access to your own data.

PINS Antivirus Security is one of the best security apps on the market. It has been tested, certified and awarded by a number of independent consumer organizations and testing institutes.

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