Know before and after you go

Never pay for a fake repair

Avoid being cheated, know the exact cause of your phone malfunction

Take a headache out of phone malfunction

Pins diagnostic with SAS-Q9000 ISO certified tool and Industry standard in verified testing is a world class premium solution that accurately analyses device performance with multiple software and hardware tests. It remotely evaluates and verify the base functionality of your old and new mobile devices or, test every individual component for intermittent failure, assuring ‘like new’ quality even at the comfort of your home. So, you know your phone problem before going to the phone technician. Pins diagnostic tool accurately analyses device performance with over 150 software and hardware tests, and resolve issues in real-time. Our Diagnostics enables operators, insurers, repair centres keep phones healthy, customers happy, and operational costs under control. Pins diagnostic tool enables fast identification and resolution of mobile phone problem. Also, a platform for Insurance companies to get real-time visibility into incidents on your devices for decision making.

Diagnostic Tool

This is a life saver when your phone goes wrong. Let the fear of data loss from your mobile device be a thing of the past Fast backup and recovery of all your important data, media, files and folders, intellectual properties. The media files are completely encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 128-bit key for complete content protection.

PIN secure cloud to your mobile device. Cloud Backup protects your personal information in case your device is lost, stolen or damaged. It saves a copy of your contacts, photos and files; access them anytime from PINS cloud storage without going through a third party to recover information

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