How can I install PINS Mobile Security?

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Step-by-step Guide – App Download

Step1: Prepare for installation
Prepare your Android for to commence installation process. Open Settings > (General) > Security. Enable “Unknown sources” option

Step2: Deactivate Google Play Protect
To prevent Android from asking questions about the activity of the Pins Mobile Security Monitoring system, open the “Play Store” application, tap on Menu button and select “Play Protect” option

Disable the option “Scan device for security threats

Step3: Now you can proceed to download

Choose any of your internet browser. Type Click on “Free Download” button. Enter your email and name and click “SIGN UP” to download Pins Installation file

Step4: Download Installation File (APK)

Once you successfully signed up with your name and email, the app will be downloaded automatically on your phone

Step6: Install the App

Click on the downloaded pins-mobile-security.apk to start installation. Tap Next, then Install and Open.

Do not open the program from the Chrome browser’s downloads list. Use File Manager to find it in the Downloads folder and launch it from there.

Install the downloaded file and then open

Congrats! You have successfully Installed Pins App, now lets create an account for you!

Step1: Allow all permissions

Once you open the app, you will be required to “Allow Permissions” for the Pins App to work.Do ensure to grant all permissions

Step2: Onboarding Slides

See some benefits of using Pins App and Click ‘ok’ to proceed

Step3: Sign Up to Pins App

Provide Account and profile details.Do ensure you provide accurate information

Note: Alternative Phone number is another contact Pins Support team can reach you on incase you misplace your phone!

Step4: Activate Settings on your phone

Allow access and activate the app by taping “Activate”. Also Turn on “Data Usage Access” then click the back button to continue

Step5: Permit the app to appear on top

Scroll through the list of apps and click on the Pins Mobile Security to permit to draw over other apps.

Step6: Welcome to Pins App

After granting all access and permissions, you are now ready to start monitoring the device!

If you do not have an active paid subscription, click here to learn how to

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