Is your mobile device lost or stolen?

Losing your phone doesn't mean you'll never see it again....

Pins recovery provides information that helps in getting your mobile device back?

If your mobile device ends up in the wrong hands and is still in use, Pins will follow it. Our recovery team is dedicated and trained to work in collaboration with the Nigerian police force to recover any mobile device flagged lost and stolen by PinsApp.

Once it is confirmed that your mobile device is lost or stolen you have the option to send a text message with your activation code to customer support team or contact the Pins recovery team to report your device missing. Also, you can also go online, sign in to your Pins dashboard manager and flag the device as stolen. This activates the stolen mode and periodic updates will automatically be sent to Pins recovery team with the device’s location. Pins will start gathering data from the device about its location, as well as taking pictures of the thief in the background from the device ‘s camera. 

Pins Recovery remains at least a step ahead of modern technologies providing reliable location tracking, geofencing, and recovery for your mobile device.

Our premium feature makes recovery easy by delivering crucial information packages in an automated, periodical manner.

·       Go online and login into your Pins Dashboard Manager

  • Activate Stolen Mode to flag device as stolen
  • Follow the prompts to complete other actions.

Activate Stolen Mode

After you have gone through the mini heart-attack that losing your mobile device gives you, remember, Pins Recovery is there for you. Time to act! Sign into your Pins Dashboard Manager, select stolen mode to mark the device as missing.

Take Action Accordingly

With our reports, you’ll have a better clue of your device’s situation. Did you lose it at church? Ring the alarm or capture photo of anyone who finds it. Has it been stolen? Track and locate it remotely, even when there is a sim change and retrieve any private documents. But more importantly…

We Gather Information

Pins Recovery team will start working in the background, delivering crucial evidence such as pictures, and device exact real-time location to your dashboard in the form of a tidy report. As simple as a screenshot, as detailed as networks data, and modifications log.

Contact the Police Force

We told you we mean business; our reports are thorough and will *lend* you an extra hand when requesting the police’s assistance. So, take every report with you, they are the evidence package any officer needs to plan Step five… What’s step five?

Recovery Information

Map and Coordinates

Pinpoint exact real-time location that uses both network and GPS data to show your device movement. While coordinates give you the accuracy that’s much needed when moving forward with a recovery.

Cameras and Screenshots

Find out where your device has been, take silent pictures of the thief. That ceiling picture won’t be useful, but the close-up on a stranger’s face will certainly be. Receive snap shots that will tell you who has got your device, for example, with a shot when they go on Phone contacts and Whatsapp 

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