Never lose a contact again.

Data Protection

It works for me! Accessing and retrieving my saved contact is so easy now without losing a single contact



Pins Mobile Security Account

Get peace of mind knowing your contacts and pictures are backed up securely

Your Contact
is Safe

A lifesaver if your phone malfunctions

Let the fear of data loss from your mobile device be a thing of the past Fast backup and recovery of all your important data, media, files and folders, intellectual properties with PinsApp data protection

  • All your files are encrypted,
  • Know the exact time and location of the incident
  • Get instant email notification (Optional) or view through your dashboard
Pins Mobile Security Account
Pins Mobile Security Account

Access your data anywhere

Pins Anti-theft
phone tracker

Sign in anywhere from any computer or phone to see your saved contacts and pictures 

  • Accessible on any internet enabled web browser

Save your call and SMS logs

With PinsApp user dashboard

Know what is going on your phone by logging into your from from any internet enabled web browser 

  • Remotely view your call logs on the dashboard
  • You can also view SMS logs on the dashboard
Pins Mobile Security Account

Now is the time for your to stay safe.
Protect and secure your smartphone now

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